About Us
Company Profile
   The management emphasizes heavily on providing excellent customer services and is constantly upgrading to keep up with the market developments. The company is ISO9001:2000 quality system certified and had also won major awards like the “Environmentally Friendly-China” products and 3C Certification/Healthy House Exemplary Project, which is a show of our quality commitment. Our products are well received both locally and internationally.
  The company upholds the statement “Inspired by natural stones and outperforming them in terms of performance” as its corporate development’s motto. We aspire to develop Yibao brand ceramics into an cu-and-corning rising star brand in the industry. Therefore, the management has set its goals to incorporate more modern scientific methods and technology to upgrade the quality performances of its tiles. Besides the hardware part, there are also plans to develop the software aspect by building up a strong corporate culture and sense of belonging among the staff. Other areas of focus and continual developments include: Market feedback & trend, modern management technique, channel development, after-sales service etc. All in all, we wish to build a people-oriented organization with a strong culture and professional management methods.